Services for entrepreneurs

provided by public and private institutions from Catalonia

About #ServeisPerEmprendre

What is the website #ServeisPerEmprendre and what is it for?

  • The #ServeisPerEmprendre website, which is promoted by Catalunya Emprèn of the Government of Catalonia, is a compilation of the programmes, services and activities provided by both public and private institutions throughout Catalonia with a view to offering them to all entrepreneurs on a single consultable platform. It is a tool that enhances the visibility and raises awareness of the institutions and their services to the full.
  • #ServeisPerEmprendre includes services both for starting your business activity and for boosting it in its initial 5 years. The objective is to bring these services closer in order to make it easier when starting up and to provide quickly available and thorough updated information on all the services available to you throughout Catalonia.


The website provides 4 ways of accessing services and the institutions:  




What services appear on the website?

·   Professionals who respond

  • Information and basic orientation, customized consulting, business mentoring, acceleration and incubation, technology consulting and trade.

·   Help with paperwork    

  • Paperwork and legal matters.

·   Sites of accommodation 

  • Business nursery, business incubator, business centre, coworking site, teleworking sites.

·   Business and services market    

  • Transfer of business, professional exchange, second chance services.

·   Awards and ideas contests      

  • Prizes and awards.

·   People to meet

  • Missions and journeys, events and work sessions, fairs and exhibitions, exchange network and networking.

·   Knowledge           

  • Training in business management, entrepreneurial awareness, training and digital strategy.

·   Financing

  • Financial advice, financial mediation, business angels and venture capital, grants and subsidies, loans and guarantees.


What is Catalunya Emprèn?

It is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia that embraces, encourages and promotes public and private measures of value for entrepreneurs and for the growth of entrepreneurship in Catalonia. These measures include tools, programmes and networks such as the Catalunya Emprèn Network, AraCoop, @EmprenSocial, Start-up Catalonia, Emprenedoria Corporativa, Consolida't (self-employed work), and #ServeisPerEmprendre, website, among others.


Conditions of use

Catalunya Emprèn neither guarantees nor endorses the services entered on this website, and only vouches that the institutions registered here provide services to entrepreneurs of the types described herein. The services are entered directly by the institutions themselves or are always obtained from the official websites thereof. In all cases, links are for provided to access them directly and to establish contact with the persons of contact indicated by the institutions. Catalunya Emprèn does not undertake to update the information.