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Educating entrepreneurial talent

Fundació Princesa de Girona
Knowledge | Entrepreneurial awareness

Training and support for teachers in educating to encourage entrepreneurial talent in primary and secondary school and in vocational training. Publication of reports and support guidelines, organisation of work sessions on good practices, etc.

Addressed to: Teachers in primary, secondary, pre-university and vocational training.

This service may be of use to you if ...
you are in the phase of:
Your business is:
Shop or store
Professional services
Ancillary industry and logistics
You are in the sector:
Education and training
Regional service, access
Carrer Pic de Peguera, 11, B-2-12
17003 Girona

Collaborator institutions

  • Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Ministeri d'Educació

  • Fundació Trilema

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