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Training in business management for self-employed workers

Autònoms PIMEC
Knowledge | Training in business management

PIMEC provides the Consolida't programme, which is completely subsidised by the Ministry for Business and Labour, for help in matters such as relations with financial institutions, cash flow management, the profit and loss account, commercial management and other areas of management and development typical of professional activity in any sector.

The programme involves both group and individually tailored activities with an advisor who will help you to grow professionally.

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Addressed to:
-Self-employed workers who have been operating in their business for over 6 months

- Self-employed economically dependent workers (TRADE)

- Self-employed workers who are members of private civil partnerships, joint ownerships or limited companies (with fewer than 4 employees and turnover of under 500,000 euros)

- Self-employed workers who have ceased their activity and wish to start a new project

This service may be of use to you if ...
you are in the phase of:
Growth and consolidation
Your business is:
Shop or store
Professional services
Ancillary industry and logistics
You are in the sector:
All sectors.
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