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Training for disabled entrepreneurs

Asociación para el Empleo y la Formación de Personas con Discapacidad
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We offer training for disabled entrepreneurs with a view to providing the necessary technical expertise to generate, develop and implement a business idea and draft a business plan for the creation of the business, and encourage the employment of disabled people. Workshops: Creativity (15 hours) Self-Employment Project (25 hours) Business Plan (40 hours). Essential requisites for taking part: possession of a Certificate of Disability equal to or in excess of 33% or a Certificate of Invalidity for Work from the Social Security, in a situation of unemployment and entrepreneurially motivated. This training is co-funded by the ONCE foundation and the European Social Fund as part of the 2007-2013 Operational Programme for Combating Discrimination – with talent. As a complement to this service, the entrepreneur may subsequently submit an application for funding to the ONCE Foundation in order to set his or her business initiative in operation. These are non-recoverable funds for a maximum amount of 18,000 euros or 50% of the cost of start-up of the activity. The requirements for and characteristics of these grants may be consulted at: http://www.fundaciononce.es/ES/AmbitosActuacion/ProyectosSolicitudes/programasfinanciables/Paginas/Autoempleo.aspx

Addressed to: Emprendedores con discapacidad y situación de desempleo con o sin idea de negocio pero con espíritu y motivación para emprender.

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Asociación para el Empleo y la Formación de Personas con Discapacidad

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