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Luzaro Solvi, SL

Private organisations for energising business

Strategic and legal consultancy company for micro-SME and SME entrepreneurs. Through collaboration with well-known and outstanding professionals in the sector, Luzaro can help entrepreneurs to cover all the needs that may arise along the way. Luzaro Solvi, which is a combination of words in Basque and Esperanto, is the essence of the company’s philosophy: long-term solutions. It establishes long-lasting relations of trust with its clients.

The company has far-reaching and proven experience in several areas:
- Strategy of internal and financial processes
- Commercial and communication strategies
- Legal consultancy in matters of hiring employees and contracting services, and drafting official documents for entrepreneurs (methods of offering their services, order sheets, clauses, etc)
- Consultancy and adaptation in data protection
- Consultancy in prevention of occupational hazards
- Training (onsite, remote and e-learning) in business management, people management and skills
- Low-cost website design (static website)
- Design of an e-commerce website and adaptation to the legislation regarding the sector

Luzaro Solvi aspires to become the big brother to entrepreneurs who need to be accompanied along the way before they can walk on their own two feet.

Regional service, access
Vilamarí, 86-88, baixos
08015 Barcelona