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Ibercaja Banco, SA

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Ibercaja is a credit institution the purpose of which is to promote, protect and manage saving with a view to contributing to the social and economic development of the areas in which it operates that have generated it. It does so by making it flourish under conditions of maximum guarantee for the depositors and for the Institution, through proper investment, management and administration of the financial resources with which it is entrusted, and by assigning the results yielded to the endowment of reserves and the creation and performance of social outreach projects, particularly in the fields of education, social care services, research, culture, public health and other initiatives of a strategic nature that promote and encourage social and economic development in its territorial area of operation. All the services of this institution are available at any of its branches in Catalonia.

Regional service, access
Carrer Mallorca, 260
08008 Barcelona
Carrer Doctora Castells, 1
25001 Lleida

Rambla Nova, 117
43001 Tarragona

Carrer Emili Grahit, 6-8
17002 Girona

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