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Fundació Privada Universitària EADA

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EADA Business School is a private university foundation that was established in Barcelona in 1957 as an economically and ideologically independent institution. EADA runs MBA, EMBA, specialised masters programmes, general management programmes, and programmes designed for functional business areas. The school itself is an entrepreneurial project, with a history of over 57 years that is committed to creating business.

Centre d'Emprenedors d'EADA

This is the EADA services unit with the mission of promoting, encouraging and developing attitudes, capabilities, skills and entrepreneurial activities among participants on the different programmes and former students of the Institution, with a twin focus on activities for developing projects and investors in projects. The centre’s objectives are: assimilating entrepreneurship in the DNA of EADA, of our participants and of former students; helping to generate business by becoming a business factory; strengthening ties between the institution and companies.

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Fundació Privada Universitària EADA

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