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Verkami finances creative projects by adding together the individual contributions of a numerous group of sponsors who, in exchange, receive exclusive rewards. The creators publish their project on the platform and have 40 days to make their idea known and collect the financing required. Once this period has expired, only projects that fulfil 100% of their financing targets receive the money contributed by their sponsors, while sponsors are also compensated. Otherwise, the amounts pledged by sponsors are not paid out and the project is not financed. For its services Verkami charges 5% that it collects from the creator, only in the event that the latter obtains financing. This model guarantees a new experience of cultural consumption guaranteed by the major European community of culture lovers. - Average investment size: from €500 - Phase: seed, start-up and expansion - Sector: experience-based industries, design-related industries and health industries - Instrument: reward and donation - Companies financed: DOCUMENTAL L’ENDEMÀ, SUBMARÍ ICTINEU 3, INTERPRETANT LA CUINA CATALANA, BLOOVS, CRÍTIC

Addressed to: Creators, entrepreneurs, promotors and associations

This service may be of use to you if ...
you are in the phase of:
Ideation , Creation , Growth and consolidation
Your business is:
Professional services
Social enterprises and cooperatives
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Food and beverages , Audio-visual , Automotive, aircraft and railway , Distribution and trade , Education and training , Electrical and electronic equipment , Pharmaceutical and biotechnology , Wood and furniture , Mining and quarrying , Logistics , Machinery and metalworking , Environment and energy , Paper, publishing and printing , Chemical , R&D , Food and restaurants, tourism and leisure , Health , Public sector , Services for enterprises , Textiles, clothing and fashion , ICT
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