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Fundació Princesa de Girona
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The website www.emprendreespossible.org is intended to help all social, cultural, educational, environmental, technological, athletic, artistic, etc. entrepreneurs as well as professionals and agents that promote entrepreneurship. Emprendre és Possible (Enterprise is Possible) performs three major functions: it compiles all the information required by entrepreneurs in what has been named the Entrepreneur Cycle, with particular emphasis on the definition of the business idea; it provides tools to create a user account for entrepreneurs to understand their entrepreneurial profile better and build their business idea; it offers tools for networking with other entrepreneurs: blog, discussion forums and social networking presence. The platform has been possible because of the leadership of Indra and the collaboration of the DGIPYME (Ministry of Industry), of CEAJE, of the Government of Catalonia and of Novagroup consultants.

Addressed to: People with an entrepreneurial attitude, particularly young people of less than 35 years old.

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