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Programme for the consolidation of self-employment + specialised training

Col·legi de Graduats Socials de Barcelona
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The purpose of this programme is to promote the consolidation and growth of self-employed work as a tool for improving the competitiveness of the businesses and self-employed people and to combat the destruction of self-employment. This initiative involves the provision of training in business management and personalised advice for the consolidation of the business of self-employed people.

Addressed to: Consolidation Programme: self-employed workers with residence and tax domicile in Catalonia who have been operating for a minimum of one year and up to a maximum of five years as such. Training: vocational training of qualified workers.

This service may be of use to you if ...
you are in the phase of:
Growth and consolidation
Your business is:
Shop or store
Professional services
Social enterprises and cooperatives
Ancillary industry and logistics
You are in the sector:
All sectors.
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Col·legi de Graduats Socials de Barcelona

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Col·legi de Graduats Socials de Barcelona

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