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Communication Strategy / Creative Concept / Graphic Design / Plan of Action

The communication strategy is the main, basic point for converting a brand into a good brand. It is hard for a logo or a material to work without defining how your product is better than the competition’s. It is first necessary to list all the benefits (what does the consumer improve with your brand) and thereafter choose the most distinctive and the most unique compared to the competition. The key message of Mosaiking Comunicació is involving small businesses in advertising. Advertising is not a privilege for either companies or large budgets. Advertising is necessary for any business and the fear of investing in it needs to be lost.

It is then possible to deal with the creative concept and graphic design of different items or materials.

From a claim accompanying the brand, to a creative concept that accompanies all the elements of an advertising or communication. Once the key message is clear, it needs to be presented notoriously and memorably. This is what is known as a claim or slogan for brands or headlines for campaigns.

The slogan of Mosaiking Comunicació is “advertising within everyone’s grasp”.

Once the strategy and the concept are clear, the logo, brand, leaflet, flyer, website, advertisement and plan of action are defined.

Addressed to: Particularly small-sized companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, and professionals.

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