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We validate the potential of the business idea, the customer and the market up to the minimum viable product (MVP). 5 mentoring sessions involve analysis of: 1. The potential of your idea to become a business; 2. Discovering the customer, market and generation of the value proposition; and 3. Work with you on the minimum viable product and on the measurement standards required to validate it. We can also work on how to grow and increase your sales. Specifically, the work involves 8 sessions that feature: 1. Analysis of your measurement standards and conversion rates; 2. Adjustment of your growth drive to help you grow; 3. Work on your customer relations model: how to attract customers and how to convert them, etc. We also help you to establish the individual profile of each team member, the general team profile, what types of conflicts can arise and where. Information is also provided on how the inclusion of a new member can affect the team.

This service may be of use to you if ...
you are in the phase of:
Ideation , Creation , Growth and consolidation
Your business is:
Social enterprises and cooperatives
You are in the sector:
All sectors.
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