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Business advice – Emppersona Programme

Fundació PIMEC Acció Social
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Emppersona and emppersona-incorpora are programmes that provide tools and resources to guide, support and advise self-employed workers and companies in situations of serious difficulty - especially those that have had to close their business or who are about to do so – in different areas (emotional support, social and economic and business guidance with regard to matters of law, finance, commerce, employment, marketing and new technologies, etc.). This programme is oriented towards personal, social and professional reintegration so that people can recover their trust and improve both their personal and professional circumstances. It is also a “one stop shop” service that has a network of collaborating institutions and individuals that helps it in all of these tasks and measures of support.

Addressed to: Entrepreneurs, the self-employed and businesspeople who are about to close their company or who have already closed it, and people at risk of exclusion or vulnerability in the process of self-employment.

This service may be of use to you if ...
you are in the phase of:
Creation , Growth and consolidation
Your business is:
Shop or store
Social enterprises and cooperatives
Ancillary industry and logistics
You are in the sector:
Food and beverages , Audio-visual , Distribution and trade , Food and restaurants, tourism and leisure , Health , Services for enterprises
Regional service, access
Carrer Viladomat, 174
08015 Barcelona
Carrer Manel Bonmatí i Romaguera, 2
17003 Girona

Avinguda del Segre, 7
25007 Lleida

Avinguda Marquès de Montoliu, 3
43002 Tarragona

Carrer Castelladral, 5-7 Pol. Ind.Els Dolors (Palau Firal)
08243 Manresa

Carrer Vilarrubias, 50 baixos
08202 Sabadell

Avinguda Sant Julià, 1 Ed. Tilma, despatx 18
08400 Granollers

Carrer Hospitalet, 25 Masia Can Maginàs
08980 Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Collaborator institutions

  • Acció Solidària Contra l'Atur (ASCA)

  • Barcelona Activa

  • Centre Acollida Assís

  • CEAR

  • IEF

  • Col·legi Oficial d'Agents Comercials de Barcelona (COACB)

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